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Feb. 1st, 2011 @ 05:05 pm Feasts, Festivals, and Other Happenings in February
1 - Festival of Helernus
2 - Festival of Juno Februa
9 - Feast of Apollo
12 - A day holy to Diana
13 - IDES
13 - Faunalia --> A rural festival held in honor of Faunus that involved eating, drinking, dancing, and sacrifices.
13 - Parentalia begins --> This festival honored the Di Manes. It began at dawn on February 13th with private ceremonies and ended with the public Feralia on February 21st. During the Parentalia every temple was closed, marriages were forbidden to take place, magistrates were not allowed to wear anything signifying their office, and all Romans were expected to give offerings to the deceased at the necropolis located outside the city walls.
13 1- Orgiastic festival of Juno Februa begins
14 - Orgiastic festival of Juno Februa ends
14 - Day sacred to Juno Lupa
15 - Lupercalia --> The Lupercalia was celebrated to worship the she-wolf who suckled Romulus & Remus. It started with a group of specially appointed priests gathering at the Lupercal, a cave at the bottom of the Palatine Hill. The priests would offer a sacrifice a goat, and anoint the Lupercii (young male participants) on their foreheads with the blood. The blood was wiped away with milk by other priests, and the young men laughed at them. The Lupercii them skinned the sacrificed goat and ripped the hide into strips which they tied around their naked waists. They then got drunk, and ran around Rome striking everyone they met with goatskin thongs. Young women who were touched in this manner were thought to be specially blessed, especially in regards to fertility and procreation. Lupercalia was a very ancient festival, and may have originally been a festival for purification and fertility in honor of either Faunus or Inuus.
17 - Quirinalia --> The Quirinalia is a festival of Quirinus, and it signals the end of the Fornacalia. It ss also known as the "Feast of Fools".
17 ~ Fornacalia --> The Fornacalia was held in honor of bread, and the ovens used to dry grains. This festival was movable, and could have been held any time between February 5th to February 17th.
18 - Rites of Tacita
19 - Birthday of Minerva
21 - Parentalia ends
21 - Feralia --> The Feralia was the closing festival of the Parentalia. During the Feralia, families would picnic at the tombs of their deceased family members and give libations to the dearly departed. It was believed that the shades of the dead could walk upon the earth above their graves during Feralia.
22 - Caristia --> Also known as the Cara Cognatio, Caristia was held to honor Concordia. During this festival family members would gather in the home and feast together and then make offerings to the household deities and settle arguments.
23 - Terminalia --> On this day, landowners would honor the boundaries of their land at the boundary markers and the god Terminus. Rome's public boundary stone in the temple of Jupiter Optimus Maximus was also honored. Garlands were placed over the boundary stones, and altars were built near them. Offerings of grain and honey were given by the children, and the adults would offer wine and pig blood. Everyone was dressed in white, and were required to keep silent throughout the offerings. A picnic feast was held at the end of the ritual.
24 - Equirria --> This festival involved racing horses to honor Mars. It was held in the Campus Martius or the Campus Martialis on the Caelian Hill if the Campus Martius was flooded. The Equirria was said to have been founded by Romulus.
end - Februalia --> During this festival Rome was purified by its citizens by making sacrifices to the dead.
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